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Message from Our Community regarding aggressive behaviour

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Message from Our Community regarding aggressive behaviour  Empty Message from Our Community regarding aggressive behaviour

Post by CQR Rogue on Mon 9 Sep 2013 - 22:38

Dear all,

I would like to present a message from me and our Community (you all) regarding recent aggressive behaviour towards all members including staff and those of our members that help run the show.

May I remind everyone we pride ourselves that the community is at the heart of what we do and the community as a whole would like to convey this message -

Our community  will not tolerate any forms of aggressive behaviour in game or in public forums towards our members this includes the community, staff, community team, race marshals and stewards.

Please PM me if you have any concerns.

Club Members behavior –

TORA expects competitors who partake in its championships and meetings to behave in appropriate and respectable manner. Insulting comments or behavior towards fellow competitors and race stewards is unacceptable and will be dealt with severely by TORA club staff.

Good Sportsmanship

TORA considers good sportsmanship to be the very essence of the sport, and the basic foundation of any competition. Competitors are expected to hold the qualities of fairness, honesty, courtesy, and justice to be more important than the outcome of the race. Real sportsmen/women may have an intense desire to win, but not at all costs. A person that has won by cheating, or by any means less than honourable, has simply found a way to acquire a trophy, but not a victory. The actual winner is the true sportsman/woman that might go home with nothing in his/her hands, yet his/her heart is overflowing with satisfaction. This satisfaction comes from understanding that the value of winning is not found in a trophy, but rather in the sheer pleasure of playing the sport with honesty, fairness, and integrity. This affords total fulfillment during times of introspection, and validates that fulfillment by earning valuable respect from fellow competitors. TORA will demonstrate its commitment to good sportsmanship by rewarding the driver that displays the most outstanding acts of sportsmanship each season.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any unsportsmanlike conduct, on any scale, is not welcome at TORA events. Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct have many forms such as arguing, yelling, intimidation, aggressive physical contact, and losing without grace. Other forms are willfully using non-performance technicalities to hurt another competitor’s point standings to the benefit of one’s own, “sandbagging,” and failing to report a mistake in scoring that benefits themselves. No form of unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated at any TORA event. Competitors that show poor sportsmanship due to a mistake in judgment will be educated, and punished if necessary. However, competitors that commit repeated acts of unsportsmanlike conduct cannot be educated; therefore expulsion is most likely the only remedy.

Message from Our Community regarding aggressive behaviour  2666031

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