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GT Cup - Stewards Decisions

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GT Cup - Stewards Decisions - Page 2 Empty Re: GT Cup - Stewards Decisions

Post by Diablo 29x Sat 28 Dec 2019 - 23:47

Steward Inquiry Reference Number: 733
Drivers Involved: Myself, Freheliaz
Series: GT Cup
Round: 5
Race: 1
Lobby: B
Lap: 13


Description by IPR Bucktide: Freheliaz ran wide and into the grass. When he rejoined the track as I was coming up to pass him, he went across the entire track and left me no room, forcing me off.

Stewards Decision: -2 position penalty given to Freheliaz for an unsafe rejoin and contact which pushes IPR Bucktide off track. Reminder that when rejoining a track, you must watch for fast-approaching competitors and of course to not move back onto the racing line while not up to speed.

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