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LCR is recruiting

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LCR is recruiting Empty LCR is recruiting

Post by xebot360 on Mon 20 Jan 2020 - 15:50

Hi everyone, LCR are currently recruiting drivers for our Forza team.

Who are LCR ?

LCR are a team which have come over from the F1 franchise and is looking to expand. Currently, the F1 line consists of drivers such as LCR Apex, LCR Nut Head (formerly F1XL Nut Head) and Matt212. Our current Forza roster consists of drivers who have won a variety of championships, with drivers and teams championships on TORA all the way to OMA and even being on the overall podium in class at the TORA 24h of Le Mans.

What are we looking for ?

We are looking for drivers who would be willing to race for us on Forza. We would like you to be decently paced, a clean driver and more importantly, a chill person to hang out with. If you think you are all of the above, directly message me or post below, or message the team twitter account (link below). We would like you to fill out the following details:

Gamer tag:
Any previous racing leagues/experiences:
Notable achievements (top lobby race wins, titles etc):


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