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Online Racing Manager

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Online Racing Manager Empty Online Racing Manager

Here at TORA I'm always trying to find new ways of improving the way the events are ran, this started with automating the calculations in the spreadsheets, but there is only so much that can be done with a spreadsheet

I have therefore created a new web application which I am calling the "Online Racing Manager", all of our current race series are now being managed by this and can be found at the following link
(with the exception of endurance as they aren't even similar in the way they're managed so require programming completely different)

If you do find any problems when using this, please first visit the FAQ page located in the navigation bar on the site, but if you're still having problems don't hesitate to contact me about this, there is a section in our discord called "online race manager" which you can post in, or alternatively you can PM me here, or on Discord.

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Post Tue 25 Aug 2020 - 1:59 by TJSteel

new update for ORM was released earlier today meaning that ORM can now host multiple tenants, I originally built this for TORA, but I've had requests from other sites to be able to run it too, so it's now been upgraded to manage multi tenancy,

to make this work, the application processes your requests based on the url you're coming from, so to be able to access this now, you will need to use the following url:

the old herokuapp link will still get you to ORM, but as that url isn't in the list of tenants it won't display any TORA specific info, but the tenant list is on the links page, so you if you forget the url, you can click links, then The Online Racing Association

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