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TORA 8 Hours of Indianapolis - Support Race 1

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TORA 8 Hours of Indianapolis - Support Race 1 Empty TORA 8 Hours of Indianapolis - Support Race 1

Post by SFM Darkzer on Mon 23 Nov 2020 - 21:01

Formula Ford has always been a grassroots series in the US, and we decided to bring it back for Indy! This will be a very different build compared to the Silverstone support race, so double check the build!

Race Info

When: November 28th, 2020 3:00PM EST / 8PM GMT
Where: Indianapolis GP Classic / Oval
Qualifying: 3 lap qualifying on the GP circuit for race 1. Race 2, full invert from race 1.
Race 1: 20 laps of the GP circuit. Pit at least 1 time between laps 7 and 13, inclusive.
Race 2: 50 laps of the Oval. Pit at least one time between laps 20 and 30, inclusive.


Engine: race turbo
Platform: race brakes
Drivetrain: race diff
Aero: sport front 1, remove rear wing
PI: 797
Power: 246 hp
Weight: 1088 lbs

Note: Race 2 will be a spec tune, shared by SFM Darkzer.

We will be using standard TORA rules, and the track limits will be forza clean.

The only event specific livery rule is to have your number on the sides and nose area of the car, in a visible spot.  Any other number placement is optional. There are no required logos.

It is preferred that entrants use the GTP or GTO spec number board (the side one), if any board is used.

Numbers available are 4-999.

You can sign up for the race on our Online Racing Manager site here:


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