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Practice Stint 2 (Night)

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Practice Stint 2 (Night) Empty Practice Stint 2 (Night)

Post by Ax4x Bandit Sun 21 Feb 2021 - 21:21

Date: February 27th, 2021
Times: EU - 3:10 PM EST/8:10 PM GMT; NA - 8 PM EST/1 AM GMT

Will be setup as a regular stint and will use the stint 1 starting procedure. Please refer to the rules and regulations to familiarize yourself with the stint rules.

Signup form:

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Practice Stint 2 (Night) J8Ljahl
Practice Stint 2 (Night) PEEdCpnPractice Stint 2 (Night) ZzhlIqHPractice Stint 2 (Night) UmQfodEPractice Stint 2 (Night) C0cSnDzPractice Stint 2 (Night) 1vuHXh0Practice Stint 2 (Night) MAsvnrEPractice Stint 2 (Night) GrZPNKA

Practice Stint 2 (Night) Lmr_ba10

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Practice Stint 2 (Night) Empty Re: Practice Stint 2 (Night)

Post by TMS Absorb Yesterday at 7:28

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