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TORA Staff Announcement 26/11/10

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TORA Staff Announcement 26/11/10 Empty TORA Staff Announcement 26/11/10

Post by Richy59 Fri 26 Nov 2010 - 12:36

Hey guys, just a quick update to keep you all in the loop for our plans for 2011.

Following a rather productive staff meeting on Monday night, we're pleased to announce some changes to our staff. Duncan Ray (Selective Rogue) has been confirmed in the roll of Club Secretary, and Chris Siddall (WWR Aero) has been confirmed as our Chief Marshall. Both have been filling the respective roles for the last few months, and have done an excellent job, so we welcome the stability that confirming them in these positions will bring us going forward.

Our final role to be filled is that of Head Steward. We will be holding a vote on that, and voting a new member to our committee, in the very near future. The role of stewarding is one that we have been looking at carefully recently, and we will be looking at heavily revising our procedures around this for 2011, which will be communicated to the Community in due course.

In terms of day-to-day operations, Richard Millard (Richy59) will be taking the mantle of Community Manager. This means that he will be responsible for maintaining these boards and updating you on our latest news, as well as managing our Community Team. Briefly, the Community Team continue to assist the staff in many areas - notably the forums, testing regulations, and being our lobby captains. This role is to be slightly expanded in 2011 as we welcome community-driven series to compliment our core series. Again, more details on this soon. The Community Team continues to consist of Ian Marr (IanMR), Gary Potter (garyp3398), Chris Allcock (Crisis Nine), Jamie Anderson (Chucky 1982) and Louis Satterlee (Audisport Louis).

We will also be introducing our Series Principals for 2011. These are the people who are responsible for each of the core series we will be running, and will be the people who are your first stop for any issues and queries you will have. Again, without giving away too much just now, these will be revealed as we launch the new 2011 regulations in December. On that, we have set out our deadlines for each Principal to have their regulations completed by, so rest assured that we are on track (literally with all the testing!) to make 2011 our best year so far.

To recap, your TORA staff team and their roles...

Matt Hunter - President
Shane Mortimer - Chairman
Duncan Ray - Club Secretary
Scot Reid - Treasurer
Chris Siddall - Chief Marshall/Race Director
Richard Millard - Community Manager
Ian Marr, Gary Potter, Chris Allcock, Jamie Anderson, Louis Satterlee - Community Team

And our committee remains Shane Mortimer, Matt Hunter, Duncan Ray, Scot Reid, Jamie Anderson, John Hindhaugh and Declan Brennan.

Thanks for sticking with the real TORA!

TORA Staff Announcement 26/11/10 C7LquN0

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