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Community Run Events 2011

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Community Run Events 2011 Empty Community Run Events 2011

Post by Richy59 Wed 19 Jan 2011 - 19:14

Hello everyone. Being that its a new year we are opening the floor to you guys for what series you would like to run. Community Run Events are a great way for you to run an event or mini-series to your rules and regs and to have the type of series that you want. There are, of course, some rules to follow to run a Communtiy Event through TORA.

Community Events/Series cannot be run on a Sunday or Tuesday night. These are official TORA race nights where we hold our own series. Any other day is fine.

What I want from people is what the event is, what the rules are, what the cars are, what the start time is and what the dates are if they are available. Availaility can be checked via our season calender, which Chris and myself will start updating to include Community Events.

Community series have to be designed to be a max of four races in a series. This is to add variety throughout the year. Another four race series of the same thing can be run again a few months later if interest was high enough the first time around. Your four nights can be four nights in a week, the same night over four weeks or over two weeks or even a month. It's entirely up to you, but only if the availability is there. I will operate it on a first come first serve basis. The first applications I receive will have priority over the nights.

It has to come to me in a complete package. I don't want to see a few lines like "I think this would be a good series" or "I want to run a Classic Touring Car series" It has to have every detail for rules and cars and what is going to happen. Only then will I take the series idea further.

Anybody can run an event. Everything will be up to you on the night. TORA Staff will not be taking a part in managing or running the night, that is up to you. We will probably join in on the events but it is you guys who are running it. Also expect to see some some of the TORA team running their own events as well. We all have a lot of ideas for series so don't be surprised to see some of them coming to fruition.

Here is the template you guys should follow if you want a series or event to be considered:

Platform - (Consoles or PC)
Game - (Which game is it on)
Type - (Wether its a time attack, Motorbike, Rally, Team Death Match on an FPS, a cruise on Test Drive etc)
Dates - (If it is 1-4 nights then each date)
Time - (What time you want it start)
Rules - (Full In-Depth rules please. If the game is on an FPS then rules for a Private Match etc)

Please PM all applications to myself. Once I receive these I will post them to the Community Team just to have a final read through. I will then let you know if you can run the event or series. We have final say if something is to silly or pointless. But I trust you guys will come up with some imaginative and fun events.


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