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TORA Stewards Inquiry Submission Form

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TORA Stewards Inquiry Submission Form

Post by LMR Deftone MX on Mon 20 Jul 2015 - 23:32

If you are unhappy with the standards of racing from another driver, please submit an SI in the following link within 36 hours of the race.

Submitting an SI will fairly punish unacceptable driving. If you want to prevent poor driving standards in future races, an SI is the best way to promote good driving standards.

Before submitting an SI, please click this spoiler:
Snape kills Dumbledore:

Let's help each other

Moving on to the new series of games out now, it is the best time to introduce measures designed to further increase efficiency when things go wrong. Below are some points that everyone should take into consideration when submitting an SI.

1) Give us the clip

It is no longer acceptable to say "Replay is on storefront". If you have the replay at hand, you can make a game clip and send it to us.

Now you have the link, don't tell us where to go, or I'll personally tell you where to go Hilarious  Instead, give us the link! With Xboxdvr/XboxClips, Twitch, Youtube, even your phone, there is no excuse to not present footage in the SI form. This means we can process the SI immediately as it's hot off the press.

We're not detectives; this is not "Murder, She Wrote", a few seconds on your end will save a huge deal of time on our end. It will undoubtedly speed up our response times and settlements.

This also mitigates vague estimates. "I think it happened on lap 9" is not adequate. With your game clip or stream, you can go to lap 9 and if it did happen at that time, capture it and give it to us.

Remember all staff and specialised department roles are volunteer based, we all have lives and we're not telemarketers, be nice Smile

3) Give balanced and succinct descriptions.

Saying "HCR Motorhead is a knob and wrecked me" is not sufficient. However, "HCR Motorhead outbraked himself into turn 5 resulting in me being spun out and losing 4 positions" is more pertinent. With your clip, we can see if we agree with the description and settle as applicable.

4) Don't waste our time.

We will not punish someone who goes an electron's width off track (like iRacing does Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad ) once in a race. But we will punish someone who visibly gains an advantage, applying appropriate sanctions to the magnitude witnessed.

Wasting time by disregarding points in this notice will be frowned upon, there may be memes and other sanctions may be considered. Please note that despite the strong tone, this has your best interests at heart. A little more care from you can make our jobs infinitely easier.

Be careful out there Smile

LMR Deftone MX

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