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TASCAR practice at Sunset

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TASCAR practice at Sunset Empty TASCAR practice at Sunset

Hello everyone. Now that I am back home and can use my wheel, I would like to hold some practice sessions this week before Sunday's TASCAR qualifying. Here are the days and times I would be able to practice.

Today (Sunday) - Saturday anytime after 11 PM EST
Tuesday (06/25) at 3 PM EST
Thursday (06/27) at 3 PM EST

I have the lobby settings already set up. The lobby name will be called: 'Ax4x TASCAR'. If your interested your more than welcome to join so we can practice our drafting and make sure what tune will work best. I only have a few of the team on my FL. Those that I don't just send me a FR so you can get into the room.
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TASCAR practice at Sunset :: Comments


Post on Sun 23 Jun 2013 - 21:41 by LastNewtStandin

If im on at any of these times I will practice.
Up the hospital with mum until 3pmEST then usually online 4pmEST.

If I got the time mixed up then im on 9pm BST approx most nights, Qually for TEC is Wednesday for me.
Happy to run the stocks any time Smile

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Post on Sun 23 Jun 2013 - 22:33 by ErebusV8

i'll try join, but what time is that for BST?

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Ax4x Mikey J

Post on Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 0:29 by Ax4x Mikey J

I hope to make a couple of these, but I have LM24 to prep for as well. bounce

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Post on Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 1:49 by ProfMadFatStaxx

i should be able to hit the thursday practice. LM24 taking priority right now as well.

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Post on Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 3:50 by ErebusV8

if anyone is doing it today, could you send an invite once it's open

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v Hurricane v

Post on Thu 27 Jun 2013 - 1:51 by v Hurricane v

I'm going to cancel the rest of the practice sessions due to some person reasons and lack of participation. If anyone wants to practice and see's me on just send me a message.

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Ax4x Mikey J

Post on Thu 27 Jun 2013 - 3:11 by Ax4x Mikey J

I need practice for TASCAR but as I need to find consistency I really need more LM practice Embarassed

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