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SRL RECRUITING iRacing drivers

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 SRL RECRUITING iRacing drivers Empty SRL RECRUITING iRacing drivers

Post by carrol95 Fri 22 Sep 2017 - 19:06

we are a Pround F1 league and we are now boarding are horizon on to iracing we have a partnership with Fanatec and looking for more sponsor to make the team a good as we can get and make a world class team i know its early day but we can all dream if u wanna have a chat about this plz contact me on twitter @SRL_Nick95 or my co owner @bill_101_bob thank and hope to hear from some of the new drivers

Things we are looking for..

1. Must be 2000 IRating and up.

2. Must be at least C Class

3. Must be dedicated and determined.

4. This isn't no free ride we expect you to pull your weight.

5. Always respect the team admins.

6. No drama.

7. Last but not least must be at least 16+ years old to join.

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 SRL RECRUITING iRacing drivers Empty Re: SRL RECRUITING iRacing drivers

Post by DennisCallahan Wed 5 Sep 2018 - 7:27

Jorda has been a backmarker in every series she has entered. Her notable lack of talent makes her uniquely unqualified to speak to what female race drivers can do.


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