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RS.01 Rules and Regulations

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RS.01 Rules and Regulations Empty RS.01 Rules and Regulations

Post by AdamWatson99 on Thu 15 Mar 2018 - 10:35

Welcome to the 2018 TORA PC2 Spec Cup Series 1. This will be contested on Project CARS 2 on Xbox One and will consist of five rounds; each round will be formed of two sprint races of approx 25 mins each.

Before you decide to enter the series, please take the time to read the rules & regulations very carefully.

By registering for the series, you agree to the rules and regulations as written in this section.

TORA reserves the right to alter the rules & regulations as necessary, for the purpose of fairness and clarity in the competition.


1.1 Motor racing, as defined by TORA, is a non contact sport. It is understandable that on occasion some contact may occur as a consequence of incidents caused by either party; for instance "lag". At TORA, lag is defined as sudden high internet latency or ping causing visual or physical inconsistencies between players.

1.2 Competitors with lag issues will not be penalized, but will be asked to improve their connection for future participation in TORA’s events. If the issue is persistently hindering other competitor’s experiences, or you cannot join lobbies (see rule 14.0), please perform a speed test on your connection via Once you have completed this, see the connection section via this link:

1.3 TORA expects every competitor who partakes in our championships to behave in an appropriate and respectable manner. Insulting comments or behaviour towards fellow competitors, race stewards, lobby hosts and staff is unacceptable and will be dealt with severely by TORA Staff. Respectable on-track etiquette is expected of all competitors. This includes on-track battles, track limits, dirty driving etc.

1.4 The track limits are determined by the solid white lines either side of the track, or for lack thereof, the edge of the tarmac (or other racing surface, not including curbs). At all times, two wheels must remain on this part of the circuit, unless of an occurrence where it is near to impossible to keep two wheels on the track, such as avoiding a collision. Each time the track limits are not adhered to during a race meeting, a warning may be given. Each driver is allowed five warnings of all four wheels leaving the track via the inside of a corner, at any part of the circuit. If a sixth and subsequent "corner cutting" occurrence happens within a race meeting, then that driver will lose a position for each corner cut. Again, if a corner is cut to avoid a collision, this would not be given a warning.

1.5 All TORA members must read and follow the TORA Sporting Regulations. Note that specific rules defined in these Rules & Regulations will take precedence over similar rules outlined in the Sporting Regulations:

1.6 Registration opens on October 2nd 2017


This will be a championship fought by each driver for themselves. The points at the end of this series will be their final points total and will result in their position in the standings at the end of the series. There is ONE dropped round for this championship.
The winner will be awarded £100 to spend in the Ginetta Online Shop

This will be a championship fought by teams of up to three drivers. The points at the end of this series will be their final points total and will result in their position in the standings at the end of the series. If a team has more than two drivers, only the two highest points gained by the team in a race will be recorded toward the team championship. There are no dropped rounds for this championship.

This will be a championship fought by drivers who are not registered with a team. The points at the end of this series will be their final points total and will result in their position in the standings at the end of the series. There are no dropped rounds for this championship.


5.1 To register for the Michelin Ginetta SuperCup, drivers must fill in the form on the Registration section of this page with their correct details
5.1.1 Each driver entering as a part of a Team entry must enter their team name, exactly the same as each other.
5.1.2 Drivers may not attempt to sign up as a part of another team or privateer entry without the other driver's permission.

5.2 All drivers in this series must Sign In for each round after they have registered. To Sign In for each round, drivers will have to fill out the Sign In form and choose one of the qualifying sessions during the week leading up to the race.

5.3 Sign-In for a qualifying meeting closes 24 hours before each meeting starts. Drivers will not be permitted to qualify in that meeting if they attempt to Sign-In after this time.

5.4 The series organizer reserves the right to permit or deny specific drivers after the time stated in 5.2 depending on circumstances


6.1 The race meeting (and qualifying meetings) may be split into multiple lobbies, named A-Z, depending on the amount of drivers who have signed-in. Each lobby will be hosted by chosen members of the Marshals or Staff.

6.2 Marshals who have Signed-In to the race may be expected to host a lobby if no other hosts are available.

6.3 For each lobby, a specific Marshal or Staff member will be given "Lobby Marshal" status, whether or not they are hosting the lobby (if none of the aforementioned members are available, the lobby host will be given the status). They will be responsible for collecting times, race positions, reading the start grid and rules, and deciding whether or not a race restart is required


7.1 The fastest clean lap time from a driver, as denoted by the game, will be recorded for qualification.

7.2 Qualifying will consist of a 20 minute session
7.2.1 All drivers must finish all of their laps and remain in the lobby until the host confirms they have collated all of the times.

7.4 The Lobby Marshal will input the times into the relevant document, or pass on the information to someone who can.


8.1 Please check the season calendar for track confirmation.

8.2 The start of both races in a round will be a Standing Start.


9.1 There are no mandatory pit stops during the race.

9.2 Drivers are permitted to pit at their own accord to refuel and change tyres, or if they have damage to their car or wish to retire.


Standard safety car rules in effect, please refer to the TORA Sporting Regulations in Rule 1.5


Standard SI rules in force, please refer to the TORA Sporting Regulations in Rule 1.5

11.1 After the race, drivers have until 12:00 EST (noon) on the following Wednesday to submit SIs.
11.1.1 SIs submitted after this period will not be investigated.


This will be the points system for the championship and will be the same in the overall, privateers and teams standings. Note: Points are earned by overall position, not the position a driver finishes in their individual lobby.

1st - 150 points
2nd - 145 points
3rd - 142 points
4th - 140 points
5th- 139 points
6th - 138 points
30th - 114 points
31st - 113 points
32nd - 112 points

RS.01 Rules and Regulations TsO0dy4
RS.01 Rules and Regulations 5abWQEURS.01 Rules and Regulations WDatqwmRS.01 Rules and Regulations OzaFSINRS.01 Rules and Regulations LvDGGYCRS.01 Rules and Regulations JLyFQV9RS.01 Rules and Regulations 0iPa9cgRS.01 Rules and Regulations P5zWWuhRS.01 Rules and Regulations WEP5T0K

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