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TORA Mid-Year Update

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TORA Mid-Year Update Empty TORA Mid-Year Update

I hope everyone has been enjoying racing at TORA so far this year. With TASCAR wrapping up, we will have had four full series (TASCAR, Production Sedan, GT-300, and Vintage Iron), and 3 highly popular endurance races (Daytona, Sebring, and the Indy 500) completed. We have many more series and endurance races coming up later this year, so be sure to stay tuned!

Like the beginning of the year, I do have a couple of updates for everyone.

1. Series Ratings - In my post back in January, I talked about the new “Series Ratings” that we will be applying to TORA series this year. I then proceeded to not mention it again. After a couple more months of debate, we are officially launching these ratings. You can read more about the different ratings here.

2. TORA Discord Server - Some of you said it would never happen. Some of you were wrong. We are launching an official TORA Discord Server! We will post an open link on the forums so that all members, new and old, can join the server. You can find the link here ( There are important things about the server that I must mention.
 - This is NOT replacing the forums. The Discord will be used for contacting TORA staff at short notice and to discuss current series. All series registration/license applications will remain on these forums.
 - This is NOT required. The Discord is completely optional to join. We will not be pressuring people to join the Discord. However, it is highly suggested.
 - We will not be using it for voice communication. Some of the TORA community might not be able to run Discord near their Xbox effectively (yes, there are still people out there without smartphones). We will still be using Xbox Live parties for race communication. We have, however, set-up the Discord to allow for this in the future.

3. TORA Community Team - We are bringing back the long dominant TORA Community Team. The Community Team’s original purpose was to support the TORA community, and help keep TORA running alongside the Staff. We are relanching this team as Forum/Discord Moderators. We are currently looking for volunteers with a knowledge/experience with moderation that would be interested in joining the team. A knowledge of Discord is not needed but is preferred. If you would like to volunteer, please contact our Community Manager, JGROVES1996.

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