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New Years 250 - Rules and Regulations

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New Years 250 - Rules and Regulations Empty New Years 250 - Rules and Regulations

Post by DDM zrolizac Mon 16 Nov 2020 - 19:58

By registering for the series, you agree to the rules and regulations written in this thread and the TORA Driver’s Handbook. Please take the time to carefully review the following regulations carefully before entering. TORA reserves the right to alter this rules package as needed for the purpose of fairness and clarity in competition.

This rules package is not fully inclusive. Please refer to the TORA Driver’s Handbook for full definitions of terms relating to basic regulation in TORA competition. Note that specific rules for this series will take precedence over rules outlined in the Driver’s Handbook:

1. Championships
1.1 Driver’s Championship
There will be no points championship, the winner will be decided by finishing order in the Main race.

2. Livery Rules
2.1 This series has defined livery rules that each Competitor must adhere to participate. Failure to do so may suspend participation or result in disqualification. Livery requirements are at the link below:

3. Car Rules
3.1 This series has a defined list of cars with defined fixed setups that each competitor must adhere to participate. Failure to do so may suspend participation or result in disqualification. The car list is at the link below:

4. Qualifying
4.1 The fastest, clean lap from a competitor, as denoted by the timers in the game will be recorded for qualifying.
4.2 Qualifying sessions will consist of two laps total that must be completed within a five-minute window.

5. Race Starts
5.1 The start of the race will be a rolling start.
5.2 During a rolling start, the field will complete pace laps behind the Safety Truck, with competitors following the in-game prompts.

6. Series Format
6.1 The grid for the Heat races will be in qualifying order.
6.2 The main race will be gridded based off heat race finishes and consolation races.

7. Pit Stops
7.1 Competitors are permitted to pit at their own accord to refuel and change tires, or if they have damage to their car or wish to retire. There will be no fast repairs, and TBD tire sets.

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