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Driving Standards

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Driving Standards  Empty Driving Standards

Post by CQR Rogue Wed 15 Sep 2010 - 8:57

Hey all,

It has come to my attention over the past few race meetings that driving standards are causing unnecessary steward enquiries.

Respect the other racers: You may think you are the nuts and have the measure of predictable AI but when it comes to online racing you have to remember that the other cars are controlled by humans that have different styles to you. Take your time when over taking is a must. Do not risk ruining your race and another opponent by being impatient. Chances are you will get your chance at somepoint and if you don’t then you got beat by a better man on that race. Gaining good exit speed is always worth looking at. If you cannot make the move then back off a little. If your ducking up the inside and are just about to block a natural racing line then back off a little. I know you want to be committed but there comes a point where it is not wise to do so.

The same goes for cornering. Remember that it is your job to get past the opponent in front not for him to let you through. If you can’t do it cleanly and confidently then do not do it. Remember that coming into a corner the person ahead of you may have different ideas to braking etc so you need to compensate for this by perhaps braking a little earlier than you normally would. Doesn’t mean you will lose that much time, it just means you have possibly avoided an accident that wouldn’t do either of you any good. Also, remember that your tyres need time to warm up. Trying to attempt a move that you would make in the middle of the race may not work here if tyres are cold and not up to temperature.

Also, keep looking around if you have a little moment. Some of the best encounters I have seen and one I was in last night have involved all the things that have been mentioned above plus communication and the players looking at where each other was at. We were racing for nearly a lap two abreast with two rows and not one crashed because of silly moves and over eagerness. This race succeeded because the racers were telling each other where they were, looking through mirrors and also out of the side of their cars. When it happens like that it is the best experience in this game. Just remember to communicate a little of the position of your car. If you are overtaking on the right, tell them this as it will make it easier for them not to cut across the racing line into a bend and take you both out.

Many Thanks


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