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Honor Courage Commitment Racing Charity Event

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Honor Courage Commitment Racing Charity Event Empty Honor Courage Commitment Racing Charity Event

Post by HCCR Rabidus on Sat 15 Feb 2020 - 19:36

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for reading this.

This event is for my dad. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 COPD and still in testing for stage 1 Lung Cancer.
He's on SSI making $750 per month and has state insurance. My mom works as a 24/7 tow truck dispatcher gets $15 per hour for office hours (8am to 5pm) and 2 dollars a completed call after hours and weekends. I was told by her that all the medical bills have equaled up to current to $15000 and growing (this is also after insurance has paid their portion). I don't ask for help like this for myself just to trying to help my parents. I will be steaming this event in my parents living room so they both can watch the event.

My family used to race a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass, with a 355 producing roughly 450hp at the rear tire, at our local dirt tracks. This event is to simulate a dirt track experience.

The event is going to be at Homestead Oval, in the rain (not the monsoon)/or maybe playing with the grip handicaps to produce the best results, for 50 laps. All assists will be turned off, automatic transmissions will be allowed, and Simulation damage will be forced on, no qualifying, random grid.

Car choice and build
1988 Chevy Monte Carlo
500hp cap
3200lbs Weight minimum
Full Race Platform, Drivetrain
Street Tires max widths front and rear lightest rims possible
Aero, turbos, superchargers, and AWD Swaps banned

Race to be held on March 7th at 3pm Eastern US time

If you wish to participate make a donation please message me on XBOX HCCR Rabidus

Also just a side note I want to replicate the car we raced but I need an experienced painter to pull this off

HCCR Rabidus

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