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RaceART Competition

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  • 20130428
    Forum name: sFBrandy96
    Gamer Tag: sF Brandy

    by CQR Rogue - Comments: 737 - Views: 13598
  • 20200430
    Here at TORA I'm always trying to find new ways of improving the way the events are ran, this started with automating the calculations in the spreadsheets, but there is only so much that can be done with a spreadsheet

    I have therefore created a new web application which I am calling the "Online Racing Manager", all of our current race series are now being managed by this and can be found at the following link
    (with the exception of endurance as they aren't even similar in the way they're managed so require programming completely different)

    by TJSteel - Comments: 1 - Views: 10385
  • 20200608
    Over the last few weeks, the role of the community team has been re-defined and re-focused, and new members have been added. The primary function of the team will be to provide assistance and guidance to the general membership when required. This will include:

    Explanations/clarifications of TORA policies and procedures
    Explanations/clarifications of forum/discord rules
    Assistance and guidance navigating forums/discord/new ORM (Online Race Manager)
    Explanations/clarifications of rules or procedures in individual race series or events
    General questions asked by members...

    by EZT MAKO 6669 - Comments: 0 - Views: 2601
  • 20190608
    We are launching an official TORA Discord Server! We will post an open link on the forums so that all members, new and old, can join the server. You can find the link here (https://discord.gg/E265mhs). There are important things about the server to remember:

    • This is NOT replacing the forums. The Discord will be used for contacting TORA staff at short notice and to discuss current series. All series registration/license applications will remain on these forums.
    • This is NOT required....

    by DDM BigBen - Comments: 3 - Views: 10628
  • 20200112

    by DDM BigBen - Comments: 0 - Views: 3715
  • 20190608
    Please Note: The intention of these ratings is that anyone can still race in any series. This was designed in a way to convey the difficulty of the series as well as our expectations for driving standards.  

    Tier 1 (Multi-Class): TEC, ASCC, BGT, etc. (Color: GOLD)
    These series are among the most difficult, and are designed for the most experienced drivers on the site. Two or more classes on the track at the same time requires extra spatial awareness, whether it be a sprint race or an endurance race.
    It is not encouraged that a driver make their...

    by DDM BigBen - Comments: 0 - Views: 5751
  • 20160128
    Hi All,

    I made a quick form for you all to send us any suggestions you might have for the site, can be filled in anonymously too should you with to leave out your Gamertag

    by TJSteel - Comments: 0 - Views: 9039
  • 20150720
    Before submitting an SI, please click the spoiler below.

    Help us help you by making the process more efficient.

    Staff and stewards are volunteers, please respect that and please follow the instructions to ensure your SI is acceptable.

    Snape kills Dumbledore:


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  • 20151009
    RaceART Competition have returned to racing on TORA, and have gone back to their roots in with their up and coming GT racing plans, using Ferrari 458 Italia GT models. The team will be looking to expand by entering several cars into the future GT and Endurance series that will be coming up in both The Online Racing Association, and The Ultimate Racing Network.

    The team currently are lacking in the tuning department, without a specialist tuning expert to guide their setup directions when at each race circuit. This area has been the teams biggest opportunity since it was started, having...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 3 - Views: 1030
  • 20150925
    RaceART Competition are back at TORA after a six month break since the team last competed, at the final round of the Rogue Motorsport Cup back in March. Since then, RaceART Competition have laid low and until now have not shown any since of getting back to what they do best, racing. However, with the arrival of the hugely anticipated Forza Motorsport 6 title for Xbox One, the team have got back to work and are now planning for the many series' that they aim to compete in for 2015/16.

    And what better way to mark their return to online racing, than to do so in cars that take the team back...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 611
  • 20150224
    Qualifying Results: 3rd
    Race Result: 3rd
    Race Time:: 332min 57
    Fastest lap: 2:16.109 (Hayden Thompson, Stint 2)
    Drivers: Alex Davis-Loades (Speed Demon 64) Hayden Thompson (HaydieT) Patrick Schiwitz (LSR SCH1WO)
    Car: BMW M3 GT2

    The final round of the fantastic inaugural Pro GT Championship was to be held at the iconic Spa Francorchamps, a track covering 13km that snakes through the Belgian Ardennes forest. Team news prior to the event was that team manager Sam Evans would be stepping out of the driving seat for the final round, and stepping aside instead to the...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 2 - Views: 807
  • 20150224
    RaceART Competition 16096310



    Long Beach brought fresh optimism for RaceART Competition after the success of Bathurst. Stephen Cross had been setting competitive lap times prior to the event, and the team looked set for some good results. As qualifying came, the promise began to come into fruitition. Cross didn't quite manage to set the same lap times he had been setting in practice,...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 799
  • 20150218
    Hayden Thompson; RaceART Competition, P2, 2:16.184 - "I managed two (2 minute) 15.9's but threw them both away with the slightest of off's, I'm gutted, thought I could have put some pressure on (LRT) Breeze (Dany Gower) & Alex (Phillips)!"

    Alex Davis-Loades; RaceART Competition, P2, 2:19.186 - "Qualifying wasn't too bad, I got a 2:19.1, which wasn't too bad, but HaydieT (Hayden Thompson) did get a 2:16.1. I tried doing Eau Rouge flat, which ended in a crash, and me having to pit. But I found a little bit of time else where on the track."

    Logan Breakey; RaceART GT Racing, P5,...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 935
  • 20150214
    2015 was always intended to be a year of growth for RaceART Competition after making a comeback to racing late in 2014. The driver roster for the team would be one of the major areas of expansion, with drivers being recruited from all corners of the globe in order for RaceART to participate in the number and variety of championships in 2015 and beyond. RaceART's system of employing drivers part time for a single championship is already in effect, with hopes that drivers will decided to stay on afterwards as a full time member of RaceART. Below details the structure of RaceART Competition at the...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 2 - Views: 843
  • 20150208
    Qualifying Results: 7th
    Race Result: 3rd
    Race Time:: 352min 21
    Fastest lap: 2:00.320 (Hayden Thompson, Stint 2)
    Drivers: Sam Evans (exp1osive sam) Alex Davis-Loades (Speed Demon 64) Hayden Thompson (HaydieT) Patrick Schiwitz (LSR SCH1WO)
    Car: BMW M3 GT2

    Round 2 of the LMR Pro GT Championship looked a much brighter prospect for RaceART Competition. The team had secured the services of quick Austrian, Patrick Schiwitz, who had been scheduled to take part in the 2014 F4H PRO Endurance VLN 24 Hours of Nurburgring with the team, but had to pull out at the last minute.

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 5 - Views: 910
  • 20150126
    RaceART Competition 16096310



    RaceART Competition headed into qualifying for the second round of qualifying with a lot of hope and promise. Practice around the track had seen both Evans and Davis-Loades setting great lap times, enough for the top spots of the grid. John Eddowes was struggling to get to grips with the track, but was still setting competitive lap times compared...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 709
  • 20150125
    Qualifying Results: 15
    Race Result: 10
    Race Time:: 345 min 45
    Fastest lap: 2:01.749 (Hayden Thompson, Stint 2)
    Drivers: Sam Evans (exp1osive sam) Alex Davis-Loades (Speed Demon 64) Hayden Thompson (HaydieT)
    Car: BMW M3 GT2

    As has seemingly become customary for RaceART Competition in endurance races lately, the week of the race started with drama. RaceART had managed to secure the services of two big names on TORA, Hayden Thompson and Will Hinds. Both are fast drivers and could help to put the team towards the front of what promised to be an ultra-competitive...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 881
  • 20150123
    Team manager Sam Evans has decided to jump into the RaceART Competition BMW M3 for the first round of the Pro GT championship at Bathurst.

    The 1000km race was supposed to be the first that Evans would sit out for RaceART in order to help the team progress from outside of the cockpit. Davis-Loades was initially joined by Hayden Thompson and Will Hinds. However there was doubt over the latter two, who would both be making their debuts with RaceART Competition. Thompson confirmed he would be racing on Friday evening prior to the race, but Will Hinds had neither confirmed nor denied that...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 695
  • 20150119
    RaceART Competition have today launched their challenger for the upcoming Pro GT endurance champinship, with the opening round this weekend at Mount Panarama, Australia. The team will be using a BMW M3 GT2 car, with RaceART regular Alex Davis-Loades being joined by the quick pair of Hayden Thompson and Will Hinds.

    RaceART Competition Getpho20

    The car was revealed while the team were testing their car at Silverstone. RaceART launched their car...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 2 - Views: 798
  • 20150105
    RaceART Competition have continued their 2015 team expansion by creating a new forum system, run by the team. Based at the address http://raceart.forumotion.co.uk, the forums can be accessed by anyone, and details all the action from the team going forward into the 2015 season and beyond.

    Among the many items that can be explored on the forum, include driver information, current racing events, team news and even a place to apply to become a member of the RaceART Competition team. There will even be an extensive...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 1 - Views: 834
  • 20150112
    RaceART Competition 16096310



    There was much anticipation ahead of the first round of the inaugral TORA Rogue Motorsport Cup. there were over 45 entries made for the first round at the heart of British motorsport, Silverstone. Of those entries, 26 GT86-F's were taking part, resulting in what promised to be a highly competitive and closely fought night of racing. Qualifying...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 892
  • 20150104
    The aim of RaceART Competition was always to expand their activities for the 2015 season, as a natural prgression from 2014. The team are already signed up and ready to participate in the upcoming Rogue Motorsport Cup with their new Toyota GT86F race cars. Sam Evans and Alex Davis-Loades will be competiting with a third driver yet to be announcement, but it is hoped that one can be found prior to the season opener at Silverstone in just a weeks time.

    In addition to this, RaceART are also looking at racing further afield, in the newly introduced TORA.US. Racing in the United States would...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 757
  • 20141214
    Position in class: 9
    Position overall: 14
    Total mileage: 1891.0
    Total laps: 117.3
    Drivers: Sam Evans (exp1osive sam) Alex Davis-Loades (Speed Demon 64) Michael Eyles (montessa mike)
    Car: Viper GTS-R (SP1) #64

    After the drama that beset the team during qualifying on both the Wednesday and Friday, RaceART were looking for a bit of restbite as Saturday dawned and the race was just a few hours away. The hastely repaired stint planner for the team was a cause for concern for Team Principal Sam Evans. Not because each driver would have to drive an extra 2 hours in...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 7 - Views: 1186
  • 20141214
    The PRO Endurance VLN Nurbugring 24 Hours has come to a close. However, RaceART have looked into the statistics of what was a great race.

    1 team managed a one-two finish (LMR)
    2 European manufacturers were represented in each class
    3 Corvette's finished on the podium in GT
    4 teams in TCC finished the race in the position they qualified
    8 cylinder engines were used by all of the GT field
    9 different manufacturers were represnted over both classes (4 in GT, 5 in...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 1 - Views: 863
  • 20141213
    RaceART Competition entered this event in high spirits after successful practice and testing sessions from all drivers. Both Patrick Schiwitz and Sam Evans were pole position contenders as all 18 teams prepared themselves for what promised fo be a close and highly competitive qualifing in both classes. It was therefore unfortunate to see XPR Scuderia drop out during the qualifying week in the run up to the race.

    Anticipation was high for RaceART as they entered qualifying on Wednesday during the Q2 session. Mike Eyles and Alex Davis-Loades were scheduled to set laps. However, an issue...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 3 - Views: 839
  • 20141201
    RaceART have today revealed their new livery which they will use on their new Viper SRT-R GT machinery for the upcoming Nurburgring 24 Hours on Forza Motorsport 5. The livery incorporates the white, black and light pink colour scheme used previously by RaceART on their 2013 Nurburgring challenger, the Ferrari 458.

    The new 2014 design, is altogether a much bolder livery. The car features a matte black base exterior colour, compared to the previous white cars used previously.

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 900
  • 20141122
    RaceART Competition are preparing for their first race since taking on the final round of the 2013 TORA Endurance Championship. The team last raced on the infamous Nurburgring Nordschliefe, when they participated in the 2013 TEC Nurburgring 12 Hours. Now RaceART Competition are returning to the race track for the first time in 2014.

    Ahead of the race, RaceART Competition have confirmed their four drivers. Three brits, Sam Evans, Michael Eyles and Alex Davis-Loades join Patrick Schiwitz in a highly competitive team. Also, for 2014's race at the 'Ring', the team have made changes to their...

    by exp1osive sam - Comments: 0 - Views: 648

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